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DP 8500

The Degrava Digital Press was engineered with in-plant printers and converters in mind because they need a very affordable, simple solution that will provide a logical bridge between traditional presses and high end digital systems. Offering a complete digital printing solution, the Degrava Digital Press will open doors to new business while improving margins, productivity and profit. In addition to the low entry cost and low total cost of ownership, the DP – 8500 provides the added benefit of Simplicity and Speed meaning ... Simple set up and training makes managing implementation easy… leading to immediate production. Color registration is automatic, no complex maintenance or

cleaning procedures, and it so simple, right out the box the system starts delivering,

The DP 8500 package includes all this:

• single pass high speed continuous printing press
• high speed RIP processor
• precise color management with Degrava Color Pro
• job archrival
• media rewinder
• network card
• interface cable
• integrated cart for managing up to a 24” OD of media
• consumables starter kit







Print variable data continuously Print variable data including serialized, barcodes, even graphics Save money – print only what you need when you need it. Less waste – not possible on traditional press
Print speed >Print up to 5 inches per second resulting in faster production time >Provides critical time and cost savings
Color management and Auto color registration Accurately colors a wide variety of colors and color model standards Achieve results that better match traditional printing methods with less cost and waste
Automatic Media Feeder and Cutter (Patented) After initial set-up, subsequent jobs are automatically fed into the printer Reduces job setup time and job waste
Black mark and transmissive media sensors Supports converted or non-converted materials that can be die cut and slit in another process More flexible choice of how materials are converted prior to printing
Long Print Run Capability Supports oversized media rolls enabling long print jobs   Less job setup time
Separate Toner and Drums Maximize drum life and reduce waste Reduces printing cost
Media Management (Patented) Provides uniform media tension   No media skewing, more accurate color output
LED Print Head Technology No moving parts, and LED’s are extremely rugged and reliable Lower maintenance cost
Degrava proprietary print head control (print head enhancement) More precise toner placement Higher quality output with more accurate colors
Single Pass Color Process Lays down CYMK in one pass Higher print speeds and continuous printing
Low entry cost and low total cost of ownership Capture and keep new business New business, more profit



The markets and applications it can support is virtually endless...




Retail shelf signage, shelf schematic, shelf talker, apparel tags, apparel color for size (VICS), promotional pieces, time sensitive promotions, ingredient listings, baking instructions , test marketing
plant tags, container labels
pharmaceutical labels, asset tracking labels, customer ID bracelets
prime labels, color for location labels, identification box label with barcode,
Point of Purchase
direct mail promotions (personalized), business reply cards
tickets, customized promotional tickets and tags, direct mail promotional material


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